NASE Certification – Level I

What is the NASE Certification Level 1 Program?

Who is eligible to register? This certification is ideal for a Beginner Coach

  • This certification is suited for a newer coach/person with approximately 0 to 3 years of experience coaching and/or training athletes in various sports.
  • Individuals who work with age-group youth programs in football, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, and track and field.
  • Coaches /persons who want to learn the basic fundamentals of speed training and apply this knowledge to athletes and parents of athletes participating in various sports.

Materials: All materials are included as part of the certification fee.

Level I Course Syllabus

The NASE Level I Certification (NASE-CSS: Certified Speed Specialist) provides an introductory course on the foundational principles of the start, acceleration, maximum speed and deceleration phases of a short sprint for team and individual sport athletes. The most current information on exactly how speed is improved is provided with major emphasis on increasing ground reaction force and decreasing ground contact time. This level 1 certification course is ideal for beginner level coaches/persons looking to enhance their ability to improve the playing speed of athletes. The course will provide an entry level understanding of bio-mechanics and exercise physiology as it pertains to speed improvement through the completion of 6 modules. In addition, speed concepts and programs are presented that allow immediate practical application to speed improvement training programs for any sport. After completion of the modules, students take the National Association of Speed and Explosion Level I credentialing exam online as the final assessment. Individuals begin and progress at their own pace working with professional instructors from NASE.