NASE Certification – Self Study

How Self-Study NASE Certification Level II Works

(Those who meet the criteria below can register for the Level II Self-Study or Level II Online course without having to complete the Level I Course. Self-study is not offered for CSS Level I).

How Self-Study NASE Certification Works

The NASE Level II Self-study certification covers the same advanced material and meets the same course objectives described for the Level II Online course. Since there is no instructor, coaches prepare on their own from the course materials provided: Self Study Content Outline identifying the 11 main study areas and the number of exam test questions from each area, speed improvement articles in 80+ back issues of Sports Speed Digest, Videos, and Blogs. Coaches prepare on their own and notify the NASE when they are ready to take the exam.

Who is eligible to register?  This certification is ideal for the more Advanced Coach 

  • The course is designed also for those who prefer to utilize the materials provided to prepare on their own, with minimum computer involvement.
  • This certification is suited for coaches and other individuals (personal trainers, fitness and wellness specialists, athletic trainers, etc.) with a minimum of 5 years experience working with athletes in various sports.
  • Coaches who work with professional athletes, college athletes, or advanced individuals and training programs
  • Coaches or individuals, including athletes, who want an in-depth look into speed training and programming.

Materials: All materials are included with the certification fee, including a free one year membership in the NASE, access to 80+ issues of Sports Speed Digest Archives, Blogs and Videos, and the new book, Essentials of Next-Generation Speed Training (published 2020 by Coaches Choice).