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*Introduction to the NASE and Complimentary Copy of the Jan. 2014 NASE Sports Speed Digest*

Welcome to the National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE) website. We hope you will enjoy reading your complimentary *NASE January 2014 Sports Speed Digest* and learning more about why top coaches in your field are NASE Members with access to the most current training techniques and research to improve playing speed for their sport, as well as becoming recognized NASE Certified Speed Specialists (NASE CSS) to enhance their careers.

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NASE History: The NASE is the world’s leading authority on speed improvement and the only association focusing entirely on providing the most recent findings and practical information on the improvement of speed in short sprints to enhance performance in baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, softball, tennis, and other sports. The association was founded in 1986, by Dr. George B. Dintiman and Dr. Bob Ward, former strength and conditioning coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Its Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Certification Board are composed of the most respected coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, educators, and physicians in sports. The association provides practical information on all aspects of speed improvement to coaches, athletes, parents and the general public.

Who is Involved with the NASE? *DR. GEORGE DINTIMAN, PRESIDENT, NASE USA/INTERNATIONAL: Dr. Dintiman is the author of 51 books, seven on speed improvement for team sport athletes and coaches with several translated into Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, plus over 200 articles and videos on speed improvement for team sports. His speed improvement techniques and books are used throughout the world at all levels of competition. Dr. Dintiman has trained athletes of all ages and levels in practically every sport and has been involved with coaches and athletes in schools, universities, the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS. He is a former NFL draft choice (Baltimore Colts) of the NFL and a selection of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes. After leading Lock Haven University to its first undefeated team, his Jersey was retired from use – the only jersey ever retired in 125+ years. Dr. Dintiman was also one of the State of Pennsylvania’s leading scorers in basketball and Captain of the Univ. Track Team, running the high and low hurdles and 100-meter dash.

*LARRY JUSDANIS, BPHED, CPTN-CPT, NASE – CANADA: : Larry Jusdanis, former CFL Quarterback with Hamilton, Montreal and Toronto, Acadia University and University of Central Florida, provides strong NASE presence in Canada where he is one of the country’s leading authorities on speed improvement. He has been training athletes for over 16 years, including those from the NFL, CFL, NHL, NCAA, CIS, as well as young athletes. Larry holds certifications in strength and conditioning, fitness, youth, and personal training, and owns and runs SST (Sport-Specific Training) since 1997.

*DR. BRIAN ODDI, PH.D., MS, CPT, PES, NASE – USA & CANADA: Brian Oddi, former CFL draft choice of the Ottawa Renegades in 2005, and member of the Hamilton Tiger Cats (CFL), is the NASE’s Online Course Instructor. He is also an Instructor in the Dept. of Sports and Health Sciences at American Military University and is a team member with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Brian also holds certifications as a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and NASE-CSS (Certified Speed and Explosion) Specialist.

Why Join the NASE and Pursue NASE Certification? A team of some of the world’s leading speed improvement and strength and conditioning authorities join forces to optimize the performance of athletes at all levels of competition. NASE-CSS (NASE Certified Speed Specialists) find their careers and the performance of their athletes boosted by the internationally-recognized certification knowledge and NASE training methods. To read more about becoming an NASE Certified Speed Specialist and our Certification Board, please use the following links:

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MORE ABOUT THE BI-MONTHLY NASE SPORTS SPEED DIGEST: The NASE Sports Speed Digest (formally called the Sports Speed News Bulletin) is published six times per year in January, March, May, July, September, and November and is the authoritative source on speed improvement for football, baseball and softball, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, tennis, and other team and individual sports. The 12-16 page bulletin contains articles by leading experts and researchers on all phases of speed improvement for sports competition.

Special monthly sections of the Sports Speed Digest include:

  • Articles on Speed Improvement Techniques for Sports Competition by leading authorities
  • Q&A Columns: From Chump to Champ: The Making of Sports Champions Speed Improvement for Young Athletes
  • What Research Tells the Coach about Speed Improvement, Analysis and Practical Application of Findings
  • How They Train: Training methods of Elite Athletes and Coaches
  • Coach and Athlete Health: Nutrition, Weight Control and Disease Prevention

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