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The National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE) was founded by Dr. George B. Dintiman and Dr. Bob Ward, former strength and conditioning coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and was in operation from 1986-1991. In 1998, NASEINC was formed and incorporated through the State of Delaware and has been fully operative for over 22 years. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Access to over 80 back issues of Sports Speed Digest with hundreds of articles on every phase of speed improvement for team and individual sport coaches and athletes, blogs, videos, quarterly issues of Sports Speed Digest, and more.

The first year of NASE membership is included in the certification and the university classes. At the end of the 12-month period, you must renew your membership to maintain access to the member online content on the web site. You can renew online before your membership expires here. If your membership expires, you can renew your membership or buy a new membership.

If your membership is current, you can click on the yellow MEMBER DASHBOARD link found at the top right of the NASEINC.COM home web page and others. Enter your Username and Password to begin.

You can update your account details and change your password here. If you lost your password, reset it here.

If your membership is current, you can click on the yellow MEMBER DASHBOARD link located in the top right corner of the NASEINC.COM home and other pages, then enter your Username and Password.

You must have an active yearly NASE Membership to view and read the NASE Sports Speed Digest Archived Issues. If your membership is current, you can click on the yellow MEMBER DASHBOARD link found at the top right of the NASEINC.COM home web page and others. Enter your Username and Password to begin. You will then be presented with your active Member Dashboard, which will provide a link to the Sports Speed Digest Archive web page.

NASE Certification

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The NASE is an educational association and International Certification Agency in Speed and Explosion for coaches, personal trainers, athletes, undergraduate and graduate students, and others who seek to become a highly trained specialist in the the area of sprinting speed improvement for their sport. The NASE nationally recognized certification program has been certifying team and individual sport coaches, personal trainers, fitness and wellness specialists, youth sports individuals, and others since 2001.

Course Materials, one year membership in the NASE, Certification Exam, and Certificate for framing. Upon completing the certification, you receive recognition as an NASE-CSS (Certified Speed Specialist) in the improvement of speed for sports competition and enhanced job opportunities as a speed expert in team and individual sports.
Yes. This is a nationally recognized certification that is also a part of the curriculum in some universities.The NASE receives regular calls from employers requesting verification of the NASE certification for job applicants (coaching, personal training, fitness training, etc.).

This depends on your years of experience in the field as a coach (team or individual sport, strength, Speed, Fitness and Wellness, etc.) or personal trainer in various sports. Level I certification is suited for a newer coach/person with 0 to 3 years of experience, while Level II is for those with 4 or more years of experience.

Yes, If you meet the experience criteria, you can begin with the Level II online course or the Level II Self-Study Certification and do not have to take Level I.

The Level I and II Online courses provide materials online and allows you to progress at your own pace, complete assignments, utilize practice questions, work through 6-8 modules, and take the exam online after completing the modules. Coaches also have access to an NASE course Instructor. For the Self-Study Level II Certification, you receive a Content Outline identifying study areas and the number of questions from each area, access to 80+ back issues of Sports Speed Digest (hundreds of articles son speed improvement), videos, and other information to prepare on your own and notify the NASE when you are ready to take the exam.
You work and progress at your own pace for both methods and must complete the certification within a period of six months.

Yes. Our products are set up to allow you to make the first of three payments, begin the course immediately, and complete payments 2 and 3 over the next two months. You can find the Level I product here and Level II here.

Yes. We welcome P.O.s from schools, universities, fitness centers, and other associations and organizations. You will be e-mailed a PW/ID to begin the course as soon as a purchase order is received by the NASE.
Upon request, the NASE will e-mail you a receipt.
Your certificate is valid for a period of three years. At the end of the 3-year period, you can renew your certificate by completing the NASE Certification Renewal Form and meeting the criteria described. Working in a related field and continued NASE membership provides most of the 25 points needed for certification renewal.

Certification Exam

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Yes. The exam is also timed and allows an average of 40-45 seconds per question. This has shown to be more than enough time for those who know the material. Of course, you can take longer on some questions than others.
70 percent of the total questions.

Yes, after a minimum of 30 days, you can retake the exam at no additional cost. With the Self-Study Certification, you retake questions only in the 3-4 of the 11 content areas where a weakness was uncovered. For example, if a weakness was found in the content area of Increasing Ground Reaction Force and Sprint Mechanics, you would retake questions in those two areas only.

Certification Renewal

In recognition of the extreme dedication to professional career building in spite of time constraints placed on many of its members, the NASE uses a practical approach to ensure continued individual growth and development as the main means of maintaining certification.

Every 3 years, NASE-Certified Speed Specialist (NASE-CSS) record key activities that have occurred since their previous certification date on the NASE Certification Renewal Application Form, e-mailing the completed form in an attachment to or mailing the completed form with payment to NASE Headquarters. We carefully review your renewal form, contacting you if additional information is needed before mailing your new NASE-CSS Certificate. NASE Certification Renewal Form (PDF file). The purpose of the 3-year renewal program is to encourage members to remain current and be aware of new concepts, principles, theories and techniques in speed improvement.

  1. Complete the NASE Certification Renewal Form and e-mail it as an attachment to naseinc@earthlink or mail to NASEINC, Box 1784, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. You can use a credit card to make payment for the membership and the Certification Renewal online or mail the form with a check to the NASE.
  2. Renew your NASE Membership online at if it has expired. You had a free one year membership in the NASE as part of your original certification fee. You must have a current membership to re-certify. If you are unable to access the web site, your membership has expired.

3. Call (252-441-1185) or e-mail the NASE ( at anytime should you have questions.

2) If your membership has expired, please follow the instructions on the Certification Renewal Form below by adding the NASE Membership fee ($44.95) to the NASE-CSS Renewal fee ($49.95). Complete payment online or mail a check with the form to the NASE, P.O. Box 1784, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948.