Certification Renewal

The purpose of the 3-year NASE Certification Renewal program is to encourage NASE members to remain current and be aware of new concepts, principles, theories, research and techniques in the area of speed improvement for sports competition. At this time, NASE Certification (good for 3 yrs) cannot be renewed online via our NASE Shop. We carefully review your mailed renewal form and contact you if additional information is needed before mailing your new NASE-CSS Certificate. Every 3 years, NASE-Certified Speed Specialist (NASE-CSS) applicants with Active NASE Memberships download the NASE Certification Renewal Application Form, record key activities that occurred since their previous certification date, and mail the completed form with payment to NASE Headquarters, P.O. Box 1784, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. Please click on this NASE Certified Speed Specialist / NASE-CSS Renewal Page link, which provides the Form, Requirements and Steps for completion by mail.

NASE Certified Speed Specialists wishing to renew for 3 years are required to maintain a current yearly NASE website membership to access Membership-Only content in order to be recertified. If your membership is not current, please also add the “NASE Membership Renewal” product to your cart. If you’re unsure if your membership to access NASE Member-only content is current/active, you may email Lynne Mohn, M.S., NASE Website Coordinator at LynneMohn@gmail.com to inquire.

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