NASE Byrnes High School Speed Clinic – Attendance Only


Speed Clinic (Attendance Only, No Certification)

**Note: If your school or institution is paying for your attendance, the NASE will Invoice the school. All you need to do is e-mail us the mailing address where the Invoice should be sent to, at You are then fully registered and do NOT need to register online.

Saturday, July 25, 2020
Byrnes High School
150 E. Main St.
Duncan, SC 29334


Sports Speed Clinic – Attendance Only

  • Attend the NASE Sports Speed Clinic.
  • Master every speed training concept known as Clinic Staff take research findings to the practical level for implementation into your program.
  • Attend lecture and clinics sessions on all phases of speed improvement.
  • Consult and ask questions to Internationally known staff members.
  • Depart with a thorough understanding of how to maximize your speed training program.

Clinic Only (without Certification) $135.00 also includes:

Clinic attendance Hard copy of the new book: NASE Essentials of Next Generation Sports Speed Training. ©2020 by Dr. George B. Dintiman

One year NASE membership

Quarterly issues of Sports Speed Digest

Access to an active website and NASE Archives (80+ Issues of Sports Speed Digest containing hundreds of speed articles, videos, blogs, and other membership amenities).