Strength and Power Impaired Following Various Conditioning Protocols

Due to time and equipment constraints, coaches often hold strength workouts and conditioning workouts on the same day despite this being less than ideal as a result of the interference effect. With smaller weight rooms (or bigger teams), coaches will sometimes split the team into grou
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Aerobic capacity predicts performance in Aussie Rules Football

Strength coaches tend to spend the vast majority of their time in the weight room. This greatly limits their repertoire for conditioning work. Often times coaches will prescribe barbell complexes, plates pushes, battling ropes, etc., in effort to provide a conditioning stimulus. Thoug
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What is the minimum dose for maintaining fitness over the off-season?

Many high school, amateur and even some professional organizations do not or cannot enforce adherence to an off-season training program. As coaches, we know that what the athletes do during this down time can make or break the upcoming season. Having out-of-shape athletes report to pr
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Aerobic Fitness in Intermittent Sports

Generally speaking, conditioning for sports performance should be specific to the demands of the sport in question. However, it’s important not to get too caught up in the “specificity” concept as things aren’t quite so simple in reality. Many individuals dismiss the importance of aer
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