Predicting Ankle and Knee Injury with a Jump Landing Test

Some of the most common injuries in team-sport athletes are to the ankle and knee. The high intensity running, changes of direction and in some cases, body contacts, make these joints vulnerable to both contact and non-contact related injuries such as ACL tears and ankle sprains. In e
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Proprioception training to reduce lower body injury

The most common area’s of injury occurrence in team-sport athletes are the ankle, knee and low back. These injuries can be quite debilitating, often requiring time away from training, practicing and competing. Coaches must be proactive in limiting injury risk in their athletes by devi
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Squat Depth: Ankle and Hip Range of Motion

Squatting is a fundamental movement pattern that we expect our athletes to perform in training. The squat, or the overhead squat derivative are used as a movement screening tool in both the Functional Movement Screen and in the NASM screen. The inability to correctly perform the squat
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