Lack of sleep and poor nutrition increase injury risk in elite adolescent athletes

There’s nothing more heart-breaking for a coach than witnessing a young athlete suffer an injury. Therefore, a proactive approach to mitigating injury risk is a top priority for parents and coaching staff. There are a variety of things that coaches can do to reduce injury risk among y
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Accentuated Eccentrics for Maximal Strength

Muscular strength is a biomotor ability that is foundational to numerous athletic performance variables such as sprinting, jumping, changing direction and rapidly decelerating. This is pretty well accepted across most sports disciplines, especially considering that an entire professio
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Sleep habits of elite athletes

Various modalities exist that are used to enhance recovery and restoration from the physical stressors brought on by training and competition. Some common passive recovery techniques include cryotherapy, cold water immersion, contrast baths or showers, sauna, massage, compression garm
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