Strength and Power Impaired Following Various Conditioning Protocols

Due to time and equipment constraints, coaches often hold strength workouts and conditioning workouts on the same day despite this being less than ideal as a result of the interference effect. With smaller weight rooms (or bigger teams), coaches will sometimes split the team into grou
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The value of knowing an athletes maximum heart rate

Maximum heart rate is a useful value for coaches to assess of their athletes. This value represents the highest number of beats that the heart can achieve during a maximal exercise bout. Maximum heart rate values can be used in predicting maximal oxygen consumption via the heart rate
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Strength and Conditioning for Pre-Pubescent Athletes: Impact on Fitness, Performance and Growth

Strength and conditioning training for pre-pubescent children has always been a topic of controversy. For a long time it was thought that any form of resistance training would result in stunted growth. Many uninformed individuals continue to believe and perpetuate this myth. Another m
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Acute fatigue and it’s effect on form and technique

Fatigue comes in many forms. In the sports realm, we commonly see acute fatigue that occurs in responses to intense training or competition. Or, we can see chronic fatigue that occurs due to insufficient recovery or poor manipulation of training loads over time. Simply put, technique
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2 Week “Shock” Cycle Improves Fitness Markers

In an ideal world, our athletes would report to pre-season training camp in peak physical condition, ready to focus entirely on technical and tactical abilities. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. More often than not, a great proportion of the short pre-season period is often dir
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