Decreased knee flexor muscle function from frequent soccer match simulations

There are many instances in team sports where matches are held every day or every other day. This occurs during tournament play as well as congested match fixtures. Competitions are considerably more taxing on players than practices, often resulting in greater soreness and muscle dama
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Will chronic foam rolling improve hamstring flexibility?

Foam rolling is commonly prescribed by coaches and athletic trainers to athletes preceding warm-up or during the cool down. This is done in effort to transiently increase knee extension range of motion or to facilitate recovery after training or competition. Some athletes will even ar
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Hamstring injury incidence in soccer and how to reduce it

We’ve all seen it at one point or another. It typically happens on the first day of pre-season training camp while testing 40-yard dashes. About 20 yards in, he pulls up in agonizing pain and grabs the back of his thigh like he’d just been shot by a sniper. If you’re lucky it’s just a
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Hamstring Flexibility and Performance

If you were to ask most coaches if flexibility was an important characteristic for athletes, most would tell you that it is absolutely essential. If you were to later ask them how much time they devote to static stretching or purposefully improving flexibility, you will probably hear
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Hamstring Strength and Landing Mechanics in Female Athletes

The incorporation of resistance training with young athletes remains controversial among individuals who are not up to date on the current body of literature. Too often, resistance training is viewed as a means of simply making athletes bulkier. However, it’s quite clear that young at
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