Effect of inter-set antagonist muscle stretching on repetitions performed

Older studies in animal models suggested that extreme static stretching elicited substantial increases in muscle hypertrophy. Trainee’s have since been trying to find different ways to apply static stretching techniques for the purposes of building more lean tissue or improving
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High vs Low Rep Undulating Periodization for Size and Strength

The two most popular periodization methodologies used among performance coaches are linear periodization and daily undulating periodization. Linear or classical periodization progresses from mesocycles (i.e, 3-6 week periods) of general fitness qualities to hypertrophy, to maximal str
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Pre-bed protein ingestion increase size and strength

Growing up before the age of the internet meant that you had to get your training and nutrition information from books and magazines or from the veteran lifters and athletes that you’d meet at the gym. Unfortunately when it came to magazines and locker room advice, it was hard to know
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Strength, power and lean body mass improvements with HMB

There are very few nutritional supplements that are worth taking, relative to the seemingly infinite amounts that are currently available on the market. Creatine stands out as one of the few that may be beneficial for athletes. Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) is a supplement th
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