Post-Activation Potentiation

Heavy squats acutely enhance repeated sprinting in national soccer players

As the topic of post-activation continues to receive greater attention among coaches and researchers, teams are experimenting with a variety of pre-training resistance training bouts in an effort to acutely enhance performance. One of the variables that remains unclear in the literatu
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Post-activation potentiation with heavy upper-body isometrics

The application of post-activation potentiation training has become more common among strength and conditioning circles. Preceding an explosive, high-velocity movement with a heavy set of strength work will transiently enhance performance by increasing power output, which may result i
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Warm-up with Depth Jumps to Increase Sprint Speed

Some practical applications of post-activation potentiation for improving strength and power were discussed in last week’s post. Today’s post will piggy-back off of last week to discuss some interesting new research pertaining to post-activation potentiation and sprinting speed. There
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Potentiating Working Sets for Strength Gains

Post-activation potentiation is a concept that coaches use to promote a transient performance increase in power movements subsequent to a strength movement. Complex or Contrast training was developed based on this phenomenon. To derive the benefits of post-activation potentiation, a b
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