Rate of Force Development

Mid-Thigh pull variables relate with performance metrics in collegiate basketball players

Some of the top minds in the field of strength and conditioning believe that the key to athletic performance comes down to how much force an athlete can put into the ground and how quickly that force can be applied. While this may be an oversimplification, one cannot argue that peak f
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Predicting performance with the isometric mid-thigh pull

There are pros and cons to performing frequent performance testing in athletes throughout the competitive season. Pros: Coaches can determine if strength and power are increasing, decreasing or staying the same. This can inform coaches of the effectiveness of their program and help dr
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Predictors of Athletic Performance

Performance testing our athletes serves multiple purposes: 1. Informs us of current fitness/performance level (i.e., baseline) 2. Informs us of progress made from training which also enables evaluation of program effectiveness. 3. Provides bench marks for goal setting, progress and th
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Supramaximal Eccentrics: Effect on Strength and Performance

The use of eccentric training for increasing strength or hypertrophy is not a new concept. It is thought that the added time under tension and increased muscle damage caused by eccentric emphasis during training will result in greater gains in muscle cross sectional area. Since indivi
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