sled towing

Heavy sled-towing acutely enhances sprint-speed after 8 minutes of rest

Speed can be a determining factor in any team-sport competition. This is why many coaches dedicate considerable time and effort into improving speed. Resisted sprint-training is a traditional means of speed development in athletes. One of the most effective and popular methods of impl
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What effect does very heavy sled towing have on sprint performance?

Sprint-resisted training involves towing a sled of a given load for the purposes of developing increased force production and stride length. Sprint-assisted training involves the athlete receiving assistance during the sprint, enabling a greater stride rate and higher velocity than ca
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Do you follow the “10% rule”?

Resisted sprinting is an effective training modality for improving acceleration speed. A common way of adding resistance to a sprint is to have the athlete tow a weighted sled while they accelerate. However, there is great debate over optimal levels of resistance. A commonly used rule
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