Predictors of illness in elite athletes

Many seasoned veterans will tell you that one of that major contributing factors to successful preparation for an important competition is consistency in training. This means having no set-backs from missed workouts. Two primary causes of missed workouts among elite athletes are illne
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Mental Fatigue and Performance in Soccer Players

We’ve all had a bad day in the gym or out on the field. Sometimes we can explain why, sometimes we can’t. Fatigue from lack of sleep for example, is a known contributor to increased reaction time. Additionally, soreness and residual fatigue from training can also compromise performanc
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Effect of Perceived Stress on Strength Gains

Many strength and conditioning coaches are in search of the most effective training program for their athletes. They rack their minds about sets, reps, volume, intensity and other manageable variables that may be the key to a successful off-season. Let there be no doubt that these var
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Injury Risk During High Academic Stress in Collegiate Football Players

Coaches often fail to account for non-training related stressors when planning training for their athletes. This is problematic because things like psychological stress, travel stress, lack of sleep and chemical stress (poor nutrition, alcohol, etc.) all impact training adaptations. F
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Perceived stress levels affect training adaptations

One of the most interesting aspects of sport physiology is the inter-individual differences in training responses observed in athletes that are exposed to standardized programs. You can put a team of athletes through the same conditioning program and end up with some athletes showing
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Impact of stress on recovery

Perhaps one of the most difficult issues for coaches to deal with is the life our athletes live outside of their sport. On their own time, we have little control or influence over what they experience or do. In planning training, we provide time for rest and recovery based on establis
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