Managing Athletic Performing Stress: Getting the Mind Out of the Way E-BOOK


Managing Athletic Performing Stress: Getting the Mind Out of the Way provides fresh insight into training athletes to deal with stress and increase their performance.



In each generation, athletes are more and more gifted. They are better trained, are bigger and faster, their diets are more nutritional, and their equipment allows them to perform in ways not imaginable by their predecessors. As former star intercollegiate athletes, your authors appreciate this phenomenon more than most. And yet, in spite of their generational advantages, athletes have a performance barrier in common with their ancestors and with former athletes—STRESS. As we describe in this book, performance stress can result in athletes performing well below
their capabilities. This occurs due to the muscle tension, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, and inattentiveness that accompany the
fear and anxiety associated with performing well. However, this need not be the case. Stress can be managed so it
does not interfere with athletic performance. In this book, we show you how to do just that. We describe what to do before athletic
competition to manage performance stress. Among the techniques we describe are developing a pre-game ritual, using superstition to
your advantage, and the use of relaxation techniques such as imagery, meditation, and diaphragmatic breathing. We also
describe what to do to manage performance stress during competition. Among these techniques are the use of self-talk,
fueling your body with nutrition and fluids in the midst of competition, and ways of facing fear of failure. Lastly, we present
ways of managing performance stress after competition. These techniques include the use of cognitive restructuring, mindfulness,
body scanning, and the following recovery nutritional guidelines.

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