NASE Certification Program

About the NASE Certification Program

The NASE Certification Program prepares applicants as Specialists in Speed and Explosion and the coaching and training of athletes and teams in the techniques of speed improvement for their sport. In addition to learning the key concepts and principles of speed training for team and individual sports, NASE Certification Program participants will learn how to implement and prepare speed improvement programs specific to a sport or athlete.

Applicants will be able to implement concepts to prepare speed improvement programs and nutritional plans specific to different types of athletes. These concepts include implementing nutrition plans using basic sports nutrition programs for speed improvement training. The training techniques will include foundation training, speed-strength and power training, plyometrics, sports loading, speed endurance training, sprinting form and technique, and sprint-assisted training. The program design includes planning, periodization, individual and team schedules, and sample workouts in the preseason, in-season, and post-season periods. NASE Certifications are valid for three years upon completion of the exam. When a certification expires, applicants can apply for renewal.

Who is the NASE Certification Program for?

The NASE Certification Program is designed for:

  • University, High School and Middle School Team Sport Coaches,
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches,
  • Youth Sports Coaches,
  • Fitness Specialists,
  • Personal Trainers, and
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Physical Education, Coaching, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Recreation, Athletic Training, and Fitness & Wellness.

Our high-quality course is currently offered by prestigious universities as part of their official curriculum and has been highly praised by coaches in all sports. Advocates for the NASE Certification Program include: the staff of former Olympic Gold Medalist, Roger Kingdom; Anthony Falsone, personal trainer to Yao Ming of the NBA; and Ohio State University Athletics. NASE currently has Certified State Directors in over 30 US states and directors in Japan and Canada.

NASE Certification Program Levels

There are two levels NASE Certification applicants can choose from when selecting a certification exam. The NASE Certification Program – Level I course is designed to be an entry-level deep dive into the foundational principles of speed development for team sport athletes and is suitable for undergraduate level students or team sport coaches looking to improve their coaching abilities. The Level II NASE Certification Program is designed for applicants with professional or prior coaching and training experience. The course is recommended for athletic professionals with strength training experience.

How Do I Prepare for the NASE Certification Program?

Applicants to the NASE Certification Program can prepare for the certification exam by choosing from our two preparation modes. Our self-study approach is a unique preparation strategy that allows applicants with a strong background in athletic performance to prepare for the exam on their own time. Our online approach includes modules for applicants to complete before the exam is administered.

Before purchasing your NASE Certification, choose your preferred mode of preparation for the exam. Be sure to select the mode of preparation that best fits your previous experience and level of expertise.

NASE Certification – Online

NASE Certification – Self-Study

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