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The NASE Sports Speed Digest is published quarterly each year online and is the authoritative source on Speed Improvement for football, rugby, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, tennis and other team/individual sports. The 12-16 page Sports Speed Digest Quarterly, published in January, April, July, and October, contains articles by leading experts on speed improvement.

NASE Members have access to all Archived Back Issues of Sports Speed Digest containing over 1000 pages and hundreds of articles. Special Monthly Sections include:

  • Lead Articles on Speed Improvement Techniques
  • Q & A and other Columns: Chump to Champ, Speed Improvement for Young Athletes, Coaches’ Health
  • What Research Tells the Coach about Speed Improvement
  • Analysis and practical application of the latest research findings

* COMPLIMENTARY ONLINE PREVIEW, January 2019 Sports Speed Digest Issue (opens in a separate window as PDF)