Certification Board

Dan Austin, Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of South Carolina

Dr. Tudor Bompa, Internationally Known as the Foremost Periodization Training Expert, Founder – Tudor Bompa Institute, CANADA. Biography

Chris Dawson, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kansas State University

Dr. George B. Dintiman, President – NASE. Biography

William Hicks, Assistant AD for Athletic Performance, Syracuse University

Allan Johnson, Strength and Conditioning Coach, East Tennessee University

Larry Jusdanis, Director/Owner, Sports Specific Training (SST) Centers,, Burlington, Ontario CANADA

Dr. Brian Oddi, Ph.D., PES, CSS, Director – NASE E-Learning Education, Biography

Hideshi Okamoto, Coordinator of Clinic Program, NASE-JAPAN

Michael Srock, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Byrnes High School, Duncan, SC

Tom Tellez, Internationally Recognized Track Coach , Emeritus University of Houston