NASE Certification – Level II

What is the NASE Certification Level II Program?

(Those who meet the criteria below can register for the Level II Online course without having to complete the Level I Course.)

Who is eligible to register?  This certification is ideal for the more Advanced Coach.

  • This certification is suited for coaches and other individuals (personal trainers, fitness and wellness specialists, athletic trainers, etc.) with 4 or more years of experience working with athletes in various sports.
  • Coaches who work with professional athletes, college athletes, or advanced individuals and training programs
  • Coaches or individuals, including athletes, who want an in-depth look into speed training and programming.

Materials: All materials are included as part of the certification fee. 

Level II Course Syllabus

The NASE Level II online certification course goes beyond the information covered in Level I and is much more technical with a resource book that sites and analyzes the findings of hundreds of studies, still providing reader friendly information to make certain coaches understand exactly how speed is improved for sports competition. Course information is provided in all key areas such as Strength Training to Increase Ground Reaction Force, Neuromuscular Training to Increase the Rate of Force Production (ground contact time)  and the Speed and Distance of Flight (both of which determine stride length and stride rate), Form and Technique Training to apply the maximum amount of available force to the ground at exactly the right time and in the right direction, and Speed Endurance Training (repeated sprints ability) to allow athletes to execute multiple short sprint with little or no slowing due to fatigue, Playing Speed for specific sports, Multi-directional Training and cutting, faking, and feinting, techniques for football, basketball, soccer, rugby, and other team sports, and Periodization and Program Design.

After the completion of 8 modules, coaches and individuals take the National Association of Speed and Explosion Level II credentialing exam online as the final assessment. This advanced program allows coaches to apply the very latest research findings to their specific speed improvement program for the most effective results. Students begin and progress at their own pace working with professional instructors from NASE. All materials are included in the cost of the course.