Essentials of Next-Generation Sports Speed Training – (Epub format)


342 pages

The 2020 Sports Speed Training book provides the reader with a complete understanding of exactly how speed is improved for sports competition.

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by Dr. George Blough Dintiman

This 2020 book provides the reader with a complete understanding of exactly how speed is improved for sports competition. It includes a thorough presentation in key areas such as strength training to increase ground reaction force, neuromuscular training to increase the rate of force production and the speed and distance of flight (both of which determine stride length and stride rate), form and technique training to make certain the maximum amount of available force is quickly applied to the ground at exactly the right time and in the right direction, and speed endurance training (repeated sprint ability) to allow athletes to execute multiple repetitions of a short sprint throughout a game with little or no slowing due to fatigue.

In addition, playing speed for specific sports is analyzed and includes multi-directional training and cutting, faking, and feinting, techniques for football, basketball, soccer, rugby, and other team sport athletes.

Chapters are also included on Periodization and Program Design and Future Research Needs. The book concludes with a Glossary containing clear definitions of 290 terms and 61 speed-related acronyms. ©2020

Backed by time-tested science and experienced coaches, this book provides the most practical and useful information to equip any coach at any level to improve their team’s speed. Alan Johnson, Director of Strength and Conditioning Department, head strength coach for Football, East Tennessee State University, Former Ohio State football and Baltimore Orioles baseball strength and conditioning coach.

“Terrific Book? Finally, a work that analyzes the results of hundreds of research studies and still provides reader friendly information that coaches can apply. Anthony Falsone, San Antonio Spurs, Performance Coordinator.

This book is the difference maker for any coach who incorporates the information into their speed development program. It is the “go to” resource for coaches and athletes in any sport who wants to dramatically improve “game playing speed” Michael Srock, Speed & Strength Coach, J. F. Byrnes High School, Duncan, SC.

“No other book can transfer you from a novice to an expert on speed improvement for sports competition like this comprehensive endeavor by Dr. Dintiman and the National Association of Speed and Explosion – Roger Kingdom, USA Olympic Gold Medalist, 110 Hurdles.

NASE Essentials of Next Generation Sports Speed Training combines the latest research in speed training with a practical model for improving speed for any sport. Tim Dornemann, Ed.D., CSCS, NASE Level II CSS, CES, PES, Director of Sports Performance, Associate Professor of Allied Health and Sport studies, Barton College.

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