Clues to a Longer Life and More Life While You Live (E-Book)


This book is designed to help increase your lifespan, the quality of your life, and the number of productive disease-free years. Research-based findings are presented in a reader-friendly manner that are easily understood and applied. The authors have written over 23 books on health and wellness that emphasize improving the the quality of life and increasing lifespan.



An Anthology of 77 Articles

from George B. Dintiman and Lynne R. Dintiman Mohn

Clues to a Longer Life and More Life While You Live is divided into five Sections that cover all aspects affecting aging, lifespan, and healthy living: Life and Longevity, Nutrition, Health, and Longevity, Weight Control, Health, and Longevity, Fitness and Wellness and Longevity, and Disease Prevention and Longevity. Seventy-seven short articles help readers make wise choices in key areas that affect both the length and quality of life. 207 pages, ©2019.

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