Certify Now – Pay Later Program

(No credit cards involved – You totally control payments later)

For coaches, athletes, and others who are in lockdown, we would like to offer thIs special approach to becoming an NASE-CSS (Certificated Speed Specialist) while you are at home. You can sign-up today and begin our Level I or Level II on-line certification course, or the Self-Study (Level II) approach and begin the program with one payment by check or money order of $25.00. and no additional payments due until September 1, 2020.

Online Level I or Self Study Level II NASE Certification: No payment due until September 1 (first of 6 payments of $46.00 ending February 1, 2021) payable by check or money order to NASEINC (mail to Dr. George B. Dintiman, President, NASE, 1400 W. First Street, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948.

Online Level II NASE Certification: 6 payments of $63.00 would begin September 1 and ending February 1, 2021.

The program avoids visits to the Post Office for the NASE, removes your credit card worries since no credit card payments or automatic deductions are used, and allows a flexible payment schedule even beyond the due dates listed above if requested. You merely mail an initial check for $25.00 to begin the certification of your choice. All materials are included with no hidden fees, or extra fees for an exam retake if needed in a specific content area where a weakness was revealed.

For additional specific information on the three Certification Choices, read about the differences here:

Feel free to call the NASE at 252-441-1185 for additional information.


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______  NASE Level I Online Course  ($299 – $25 check to begin) 
______ NASE Level II  Online course ($399 – $25 check to begin)
______ NASE LEVEL II Self Study       ($299 – $25 check to begin)
Make check or money order to NASEINC, and mail to Dr. George B. Dintiman, NASE President, 1400 W. First Street, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948.
Call the NASE at 252-441-1185 if you have additional questions