NASEinc Privacy and Security Policies

NASEinc Privacy and Security Policies
NASEinc respects your privacy. This Privacy Policy identifies the ways in which we may collect your data, what we may do with the data collected and your choices relating to our collection and use of your data.

We take privacy very seriously, and in compiling this policy we have taken steps to ensure we have taken into account the standards and principles outlined in data collection and privacy frameworks around the world.

We also apply the principles of the U.S.-E.U. Safe Harbor framework:
(a.a.i) Notice (we tell you what we are collecting and when we are collecting it, and the purposes for which the information will be collected and used).

(a.a.ii) Choice (we give you the choice, where possible and appropriate, not to have your data collected or used in ways you do not wish it to be used).

(a.a.iii) Onward Transfer (we explicitly state how and to whom we may transfer your data).

(a.a.iv) Access and Accuracy (we will provide you with a reasonable opportunity to review and confirm the accuracy of your data).

(a.a.v) Security (we will keep all of your data as if it is our own – securely).

( Oversight/Enforcement (if we fail in any of these respects we will abide by any enforcement measures).

More information about the U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Program can be found at

2. Sites Covered

This Privacy Policy applies to all websites and blogs directly owned by NASEinc (“our websites”). This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites, stores, or other domains that are maintained or operated by third-party or our affiliates.

3. Links to External Websites and Services

Our websites may link to third-party websites and services. These links are not endorsements of these sites and this policy does not extend to them. Because this Privacy Policy is not enforced on these third-party websites, we would encourage you to read the Privacy Policy of the website before using the service or site and providing any personal data.

4. Online Shopping Facilities

In some cases, we will partner with a third-party service provider (e.g., PayPal Pro secure shopping system, etc.) to facilitate our online shopping services. Information collected during your shopping experience is in some cases maintained and processed by the third-party operating the online shopping facility. In these cases, their privacy policy will apply and we encourage you to make yourself aware of it in advance of placing an order. These third parties will usually share information with us about your transaction and we will store this information if they do so.

In order to most efficiently serve you, credit card transactions and order fulfillment are handled by established third-party banking, process agents and distribution institutions. They receive the information they need to verify and authorize your credit card transactions and to ship your order. When we collect credit card information for online purchases, we offer secured-server transactions that encrypt your information in transit.

5. Collection of Data and Personal Information

To ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience, we will store, use and share data about you in accordance with this policy and the relevant registrations with data protection authorities.

For example, when you request information, subscribe to our emails or ask for support materials, purchase NASEinc products from our Shop NASE store, we will ask you to provide personal information to complete these transactions.

The sort of information that you provide in each case will vary and could include personal details such as your name, age and address. In some cases you will also provide additional information such as your preferences or product choices. In some cases we may ask you for a username and password that should only be known to you.

In addition to the information that you provide to us, we may also collect data about you during your visit to our website or while you engage with one of our marketing campaigns. We collect this data using automated tools that are detailed below. These tools collect data about your behavior and your computer system. Information like your Internet address (IP Address), the pages you have looked at and the things you have done while on our websites.

We also may use these tools in connection with our email marketing campaigns to allow us to understand what links you click on and what content is of interest to you. NASEinc also may collect data from commercial sources to enrich and verify the data that you have provided or that we have collected about you. This data will help us to ensure that we have accurate records, and will provide us with the ability to keep your information up to date. In some cases we may use this commercial data to work out something about you. For example, we may use your IP address to calculate your approximate geographic location.

(a) Cookies

A “cookie” is a small data file transmitted from a website to your computer’s hard drive. On occasion, NASEinc may use cookies on our websites to provide you with services and features. For example, we will use cookies to help you login to your account and provide a personalized experience. We may also use cookies to connect your activity together across multiple visits. In some cases we may also use cookies to monitor your interaction with our advertising campaigns; these cookies will be delivered by a third-party website but will provide us with information when you visit our website.

Cookies are usually defined in one of two ways and NASEinc’s website may use both of them:
(a.a.i) Session cookies do not stay on your computer after you close your browser. (a.a.ii) Persistent cookies remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but you can usually refuse cookies or selectively accept cookies by adjusting the preferences in your browser. The following browsers have online guides to cookies at the following links:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:

Please be aware that a number of features on our websites may require cookies to operate correctly, turning off cookies may affect your experience on our website.
Third-Party Websites and Services – NASEinc’s marketing department may occasionally utilize service providers of marketing communications technology. These service providers may use various data collection methods to improve the performance of the marketing campaigns we are contracting them to provide. The Data collected can be gathered on our websites and also on the websites where our marketing communications are appearing. For example, we may collect data where our banner advertisements are displayed on third-party websites.

6. Social Media

We may provide features on our websites that allow you to share and connect through social networks. These features connect with the services provided by the social networks and therefore the privacy controls in place are those of the social networks. We encourage that you, before engaging with any of these tools, review the privacy settings of your social profiles and also to read the privacy policies of the networks in question. These social features often store information about you and the things that you share or comment upon.

If you share any of your personal information through a public forum or social network enabled feature on our websites this information could be read by anyone. NASEinc therefore is not responsible for the personal information you choose to submit in these forums and any access to or use of that information

7. How We Use Your Information

The information we gather and you provide is collected and used to improve our service to you and your experience when engaging with our websites and our products. For example, we may use your information to:
(a.a) prevent malicious activity and provide you with a secure experience;

(a.b) provide service and support for products that you own;

(a.c) provide marketing communications that are effective and optimized for you;

(a.d) keep you up to date with the latest benefits available from NASEinc;

(a.e) avoid sending you something that will not be of interest;

(a.f) define what content you might be interested in;

(a.g) personalize your website experience;

(a.h) measure performance of marketing programs;

(a.i) invite you to participate in competitions;

(a.j) to learn about your behavior and try to improve what we do for your benefit;

(a.k) contact you about services and offers that are relevant to you;

(a.l) where we display testimonials, reviews or recommendations on our website they have been placed there with the express consent of the owner of the statement.

8. How We Share Your Information

NASEinc does not sell or lease your information to any third party. We may disclose your personal information to our partners in accordance with this policy. We may share your information in the following ways:

We will share your information PayPal Pro, for example, securely in order to fulfill an order that you place with us. They are under contract to keep your data secure and not to use it for any reason other than to fulfill the service we have requested from them.

On occasion we may provide you with the ability to communicate with selected third parties. Where this is the case we will provide you with the facility to instruct us to share your data with the selected third party. We will only ever share your data in this way if you have told us that you are willing to allow us to do so.

Except as described in this policy we will not share your data with third parties unless it is under one of the following circumstances:

(a.a.i) respond to duly authorized information requests of law enforcement or other governmental authorities;

(a.a.ii) comply with any law, regulation, subpoena, or court order;

(a.a.iii) investigate and help prevent security threats, fraud or other malicious activity;

(a.a.iv) enforce/protect the rights and properties of NASEinc or its subsidiaries; or

(a.a.v) protect the rights or personal safety of NASEinc employees.

There are circumstances where NASEinc may decide to buy, sell or reorganize business in selected countries. Under these circumstances it may be necessary to share or receive personal information with prospective or actual partners or affiliates. In such instances NASEinc will seek to ensure that all data remains protected by a policy of similar to this policy.

9. Children’s Privacy

NASEinc does not actively seek to gather data from children. We do not target our products or services at children and would not expect them to be engaging with our websites or services. We would encourage parents and guardians to provide adequate protection measures to prevent children from providing information unwillingly on the internet. If we are aware of any data that we have collected about children we will endeavor to delete it.

10. Your Choices and Selecting Your Privacy Preferences

NASEinc wants to provide you with relevant information that you have requested.

If we provide subscription based services, we will allow you to make choices about what data you provide at the point of data collection or at any time after you have received a communication from us while you are subscribed to the service. This assumes that any transactional or service-oriented messages are excluded from your preference, as they are not intended to be for the purposes of marketing communications, and rather to fulfill a service you have requested.

The communication that you receive from NASEinc will be in accordance with your preferences and this Privacy Policy. Some of the communications you receive could include automatic data collection tools.

(a) Subscription Email Communications
NASEinc may provide the ability for you to subscribe to receive email newsletters that are expressly requested by you or which you consented to receive (e.g., Sports Speed Digest communication, etc.).

After you request to receive these emails, you may opt out of receiving them by replying selecting “unsubscribe” link, or following opt-out instructions included in communication methods used.

Please note that by opting out you may affect other services which you have requested we provide to you where email communication is a requirement of the service provided.

11. Access to and Accuracy of Your Information

NASEinc strives to maintain and process your data accurately. We have processes in place to maintain all of our data in accordance with relevant frameworks and take steps to monitor its accuracy. We employ technologies designed to help us maintain data accuracy on input and processing.

Where we enable you access to your private data, we will always ask you for a username and password to help protect your privacy and security. We recommend that you keep your password safe, that you change it periodically, and that you do not disclose it to another person or allow any other person to use it.

To view and change the personal information that you directly provided to NASEinc you can return to the Web page where you originally submitted your data and follow the instructions on that Web page or contact us directly for assistance.

12. Keeping Your Personal Information Secure

NASEinc will use appropriate physical, technical and administrative procedures to safeguard the information that we collect to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure. When we collect or transmit information over the internet we protect it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. is a SSL website, for your protection; therefore, all of our data is stored in secure facilities with limited access and stringent security procedures.

13. Changes to this Statement

If we make any changes to this policy they will be posted on this page. You can get to this page from any of our websites by clicking on the Privacy Policy link (usually at the bottom of the screen). We will always date these changes so you know if you are looking at a changed version.

This policy was last updated in June 2014.

14. Contacting Us

We value your opinions and welcome your feedback. To contact us about this Privacy Policy or your personal data, please contact us at:

ATTN: Privacy Policy
c/o 8991 E. Lester Street
Tucson, AZ 85715

In your correspondence, please ensure that you inform us that your request pertains to data protection and privacy so that it is routed to the correct team.

15. Governing Law

People from anywhere in the world can access our websites and services. Should this agreement be subject to legal review, we will comply with the law of the country where our websites are located or directed.

Please be aware that if you provide personal information to our websites that:
(a.a) that information may go to a country that has different privacy laws than your own country or the country in which you are using the website or service; and

(a.b) it will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the laws of the country where the website is located or directed.

Note: The information and content contained on the NASEinc website are protected by copyright. All content, including photographs, appearing on this website may NOT be reproduced, translated, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically, without the written permission from and provided by NASEinc. Violations of this Notice shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and violators shall be held legally responsible for all damages caused as a result of their infringement.