When NOT to perform the Nordic hamstring curl

Those who coach younger athletes often to do not have access to strength and conditioning facilities, nor do they have designated training sessions dedicated to physical preparation outside of regular practice times. With these limitations set in place, it is common for coaches to bud
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Hamstring Strains Associated with Low Eccentric Strength

One of the more common injuries in field sports involving high intensity sprinting are hamstring strains. Apart from the competitive season, a common time of year that hamstring injuries occur is during pre-season training camps. In fact, most coaches can probably attest to witnessing
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Hamstrings Activation During Different Exercises

The hamstrings play an integral role in sporting movements such as sprinting and jumping. The hamstrings consist of three muscles; semimembranosis, semitendonosis and biceps femoris. These are biarticular muscles, meaning they have attachment sites crossing two different joints (i.e.,
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