resisted sprinting

Preventing speed loss at the end of the season

A major challenge for strength and conditioning coaches is minimizing decrements in performance (i.e., sprinting speed) as the season trudges on. In the sport of soccer, there’s been reports of nearly 5% reductions in sprinting speed at the end of the season. This is obviously problem
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Resisted Sprint Training: Heavy vs. Light Loads

The topic of resisted sprint training for the purposes of enhancing sprint speed continues to be a hot topic in strength and conditioning circles. A widely accepted general rule has been to avoid resisted loads of greater than 10% body weight. Heavier loads may alter sprint mechanics
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Do you follow the “10% rule”?

Resisted sprinting is an effective training modality for improving acceleration speed. A common way of adding resistance to a sprint is to have the athlete tow a weighted sled while they accelerate. However, there is great debate over optimal levels of resistance. A commonly used rule
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