Perceived Wellness Corresponds to Training Output

A lot of time and money is being spent on technology at the collegiate, professional and Olympic levels of competitive sport. The current interest appears to be in evaluating an individual athlete’s level of readiness to perform. Coaches understand that performance can fluctuate on a
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Athlete Monitoring: Practical Data Collection for Subjective Measures

In previous posts, the topic of monitoring session rating of perceived exertion (sRPE) and wellness status were discussed here and here. To briefly review; sRPE: Approximately 30 minutes following a workout, practice or competition, the athlete provides a rating of perceived exertion
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Effective Athlete Monitoring: Wellness Questionnaires

Advancements in both sports science and technology have resulted in the development of very sophisticated equipment for monitoring athletes and quantifying training load. At elite levels of competition, coaches may be using expensive GPS devices to keep track of player load. Blood tes
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