Early morning workouts reduce sleep quantity and jump performance

Early morning workouts have become a staple for collegiate and professional athletes. The main reason why workouts are held so early (i.e., between 5:00 – 8:00 am) is because class schedules make it difficult for the team to train later in the day. In addition, afternoons are ty
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Perceived Wellness Corresponds to Training Output

A lot of time and money is being spent on technology at the collegiate, professional and Olympic levels of competitive sport. The current interest appears to be in evaluating an individual athlete’s level of readiness to perform. Coaches understand that performance can fluctuate on a
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HRV predicts race performances: Case Study

The terms “preparedness” and “readiness” are two major buzzwords in the strength and conditioning world these days. “Preparedness” refers to the physical fitness of the athletes, relative to the specific demands of their sport. This may involve having a high VO2max for endurance athle
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