Case Study

Reduced sleep quality preceding injury in a professional soccer player

Numerous studies have found links between sleep quality and or quantity and injury risk in athletes of various ages and levels. This has encouraged the development of novel sleep technologies and popularized the implementation of sleep-monitoring sports teams. However, one of the limi
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HRV predicts race performances: Case Study

The terms “preparedness” and “readiness” are two major buzzwords in the strength and conditioning world these days. “Preparedness” refers to the physical fitness of the athletes, relative to the specific demands of their sport. This may involve having a high VO2max for endurance athle
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Increased speed in QB with low back pain: Case Study review

One of the challenges with training athletes is working around injuries. Programming is relatively easy when athletes are healthy and able to perform most exercises. However, often athletes get injured, and this may prevent them from being able to perform important basic movements lik
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