How to get more bang for your buck with repeated sprint training

In youth sports, conditioning is typically an afterthought for most coaches. Based on how much time is left at the end of the practice, they’ll line the kids up on the goal line and have them do some version of interval training, most often with a name like “gassers” or “suicides”. Pr
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Comparing Methods of Improving “Game Speed”

Coaches refer to it as “game speed” when an athlete plays faster than their testing numbers would suggest. How can an athlete who runs a 4.5 forty yard dash play slower than another player with a 4.8 forty yard dash? Two logical explanations come to mind. The 4.8 athlete is in better
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Influence of Cognitive Factors on Reactive Agility Performance

Agility is an extremely important skill for field and court sport athletes. The ability to change direction quickly and safely in response to stimuli is crucial for high level performance and limiting injury potential. How to develop this skill requires a multi-faceted approach to tra
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