Cluster sets versus traditional staight sets for enhancing power

Olympic weightlifters often use cluster training for developing maximal strength and power. Cluster sets involve intermittent rest periods (~30 seconds) between repetitions. For example, a set of 6 repetitions can be performed in a cluster configuration by performing repetitions 1 and
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Cluster sets for speed and power

All else being equal between two athletes, the one who can express their strength faster will dominate in most sport settings. This is because there is a time component in nearly all situations where half a second too late can have serious consequences; an interception, a blocked pass
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Traditional Versus Cluster Set Training for Strength and Power

Traditional strength training guidelines recommend 2-6 sets of <6 reps with a weight of 85% of 1RM or greater with rest periods spanning between 3-5 minutes. The amount of reps an athlete can perform with a given percentage of his or her 1RM varies based on training age and experie
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