How long should you taper following preseason training?

Intense preseason training is an integral component to preparing physically and tactically for the upcoming competitive season. In team-sports like football and rugby, preseason training involves a 2-4 week period of intensified training, often times with 2 practices per day. This res
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Missing preseason training sessions increases injury risk

One of the strongest predictors of success throughout a competitive season is the health status of the team. Simply put, teams that can keep their best players on the field are more likely to be successful. There’s an old saying when it comes to playoff time that goes something along
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Preseason Considerations: Injury Risk

Piggy-backing last weeks post about pre-season training camp and hydration, today’s discussion pertains to pre-season injury rates. Take a walk past the therapy room after the first day of camp and you’ll see a very busy staff of athletic trainers and physical therapists. As camp prog
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