Optimal preseason taper duration for team sport athletes

Preseason training typically involves an intensive 1-2 month period in which athletes are exposed to high training volumes, intensities and frequencies. The stress from training is exacerbated by hot and humid conditions typical of preseason periods for several sports. This may put at
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How long should you taper following preseason training?

Intense preseason training is an integral component to preparing physically and tactically for the upcoming competitive season. In team-sports like football and rugby, preseason training involves a 2-4 week period of intensified training, often times with 2 practices per day. This res
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High vs. low intensity tapering for strength/power athletes

Prior to competition, it is common for training loads to be reduced to facilitate recovery, allow fatigue to dissipate and for performance potential to be realized. This reduction in training is commonly referred to as the “taper”. After an extensive training period (e.g., 12-16 weeks
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