Predictors of illness in elite athletes

Many seasoned veterans will tell you that one of that major contributing factors to successful preparation for an important competition is consistency in training. This means having no set-backs from missed workouts. Two primary causes of missed workouts among elite athletes are illne
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Missed training sessions reduce odds of successful competition outcome

More and more research is finding a strong link between training time missed due to illness or injury and competition outcome in team-sport athletes. Essentially, a team is less likely to be successful with a greater number of training hours missed from athletes. However, it is unclea
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Prevent Illness in Athletes by Tracking Training Load

Managing fatigue in athletes is crucial for a variety of reasons. Excess fatigue can lead to injury. Injury sidelines a player who can no longer contribute during competitions and will likely lose fitness capacities during this time, prolonging the return to play. Excess fatigue can l
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