Does interval cycling after lifting impair size and strength gains?

One of the more challenging aspects of programming for strength and power athlete’s is deciding when and how to implement conditioning work. Despite strength and power sports relying quite little on aerobic energy production, having a reasonable base of fitness can offer numerous indi
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Cycle HIIT Improves Ice Hockey Performance

The sport of ice hockey can be difficult to prepare for during the off-season when an ice surface is unavailable. This limits the ability of the athletes to get specific, on-ice conditioning work in prior to pre-season camp. Athletes will often rely on alternative conditioning methods
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What is the minimum dose for maintaining fitness over the off-season?

Many high school, amateur and even some professional organizations do not or cannot enforce adherence to an off-season training program. As coaches, we know that what the athletes do during this down time can make or break the upcoming season. Having out-of-shape athletes report to pr
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