Reduced countermovement jump predicts decrements in training outputs

The topic of athlete monitoring has garnered a lot of attention from both coaches and sport scientists in recent years. This is partly due to a greater appreciation of the fact that individual training responses differ substantially among athletes. By tracking fatigue and recovery sta
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Sprint training on level versus combined uphill and downhill surfaces

Linear sprinting speed is a highly coveted physical quality by team-sport coaches. Clocking a fast 40 yard dash at the combine can move up an athletes draft status and earn them higher salaries. Therefore, training to improve linear speed is a high priority for many teams. A common wa
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Increased squat strength improves sprint speed in pro soccer players

Soccer requires a variety of physical qualities that athletes must develop in order to be competitive and successful at the highest levels. These qualities include but are not limited to: strength, power, acceleration, reactive ability, agility, and endurance. Short sprints over 20 me
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