training camp

Decrements in sleep quality during training camp

As coaches, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the scheduling and details of training camps. We’re challenged with packing in as much training as possible during a brief period of time due to time constraints from league rules and regulations. These training camps are great opportunities
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Training camp effect on sleep quality and recovery

Training camps are a stressful time of year for both coaches and players. The athletes are exposed to an abrupt increase in training loads that may put them at risk of overtraining or injury. Therefore, it is critical that coaches manage loads and monitor players to prevent this from
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Training Camp Considerations: Hydration

It’s about that time of year when high school and collegiate athletes will be reporting to pre-season training camp. The dreaded 2 and 3-a-day practices in the heat and humidity push the boundaries of responsible coaching. Risk of injury and illness becomes significantly heightened as
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