Recovery time is longer following high volume vs. high intensity resistance training

The necessary recovery time between training sessions depends largely on the type and quantity of work that was performed. Other factors such as training history and familiarity of the training session also matter. Novel training stimuli tend to make athletes more sore, despite reason
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Dose-response relationship for size and strength: 5, 3 or 1 set?

When the goal is to increase hypertrophy and strength levels, it appears that training volume may be a key factor. Over the years there has been great debate between whether individuals should perform 1 set or 3 sets for increasing strength and muscle mass. Review papers on the topic
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Exercise Variation for Strength and Hypertrophy

When designing training programs for strength or hypertrophy, a coach has to consider a number of variables including, exercise selection and volume and intensity distribution (set x rep schemes). The main objective of a program is to stimulate progress. Progress can be stimulated wit
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Latest Sports Science: Comparing Training Volumes for Team Sport Athletes

Effects of different resistance training volumes on strength and power in team sport athletes Aim of the Study: To compare the effects of 3 programs (differentiated by volume) on maximum strength and average power in collegiate team sport athletes. Methods: 32 untrained collegiate ath
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