Eccentric overload training once per week improves power output

In practical settings, coaches are interested in knowing what the minimal effective dose of training is to stimulate meaningful improvements in physical performance qualities. In terms of resistance training, doing more than necessary can add unnecessary fatigue, soreness and recovery
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Lasting effects of eccentric vs. concentric training protocols

The three main muscle actions of the body include concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions. Concentric muscle actions involve force production as the muscle fibers shorten, as in the upward phase of the squat (knee and hip extension). Eccentric muscle actions involve force pro
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Eccentric squat strength predicts vertical jump performance

Some regard the counter-movement jump (i.e., vertical jump) as the greatest predictor of athletic performance in field and court sports such as soccer, football and basketball. The counter-movement jump is effected by both relative strength and explosive power, both of which are key c
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Accentuated Eccentrics for Maximal Strength

Muscular strength is a biomotor ability that is foundational to numerous athletic performance variables such as sprinting, jumping, changing direction and rapidly decelerating. This is pretty well accepted across most sports disciplines, especially considering that an entire professio
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