Strength and Power Impaired Following Various Conditioning Protocols

Due to time and equipment constraints, coaches often hold strength workouts and conditioning workouts on the same day despite this being less than ideal as a result of the interference effect. With smaller weight rooms (or bigger teams), coaches will sometimes split the team into grou
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Lasting effects of eccentric vs. concentric training protocols

The three main muscle actions of the body include concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions. Concentric muscle actions involve force production as the muscle fibers shorten, as in the upward phase of the squat (knee and hip extension). Eccentric muscle actions involve force pro
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The interference effect in females

With strength and conditioning training, it’s not just about getting the workouts in, but also when and how you get the workouts in. Developing strength, power and fitness all at the same time are common objectives for team sport athletes. Strength and power facilitate explosive movem
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