Strength and power changes from long-term training in college volleyball players

Commitment to a structured and progressive strength and conditioning program can have a tremendous impact on the performance potential of an athlete. However, unless coaches keep records of changes in both performance markers and markers of strength and power, it is difficult to deter
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Glute-ham-gastroc raises improve jumping performance in volleyball players

The glute-ham-gastroc raise, or one of its derivatives (i.e., the nordic hamstring curl) are commonly used among sports teams as a means of reducing hamstring injury risk. This is because the hamstrings are frequently injured during bouts of maximal sprinting in training or competitio
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Are ice tubs more effective than placebo for enhancing performance recovery?

When discussing preseason training camp with an athlete, memories of sore legs are bound to pop into their mind. One of the most popular ways that athletes try to minimize delayed-onset muscle soreness during camp is by soaking for 15-20 minutes in an ice tub after training. While ath
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