Cold Water Immersion

Effect of cold water immersion on objective and subjective recovery in rugby players

Cold water immersion is one of the most common modalities used by sports teams to enhance recovery from training and competing in athletes. Following intensive training or a competition, athletes reluctantly submerge their lower body in ice-cold water. Athletes often report that this
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Are ice tubs more effective than placebo for enhancing performance recovery?

When discussing preseason training camp with an athlete, memories of sore legs are bound to pop into their mind. One of the most popular ways that athletes try to minimize delayed-onset muscle soreness during camp is by soaking for 15-20 minutes in an ice tub after training. While ath
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How cold for cold water immersion to enhance recovery?

Cold water immersion remains one of the most popular recovery modalities used by sports teams to reduce soreness and facilitate restored performance after intense training. Though the benefits of cold water immersion remain debatable, one consensus that has been reached is that it typ
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Do ice baths improve or impair performance recovery?

Recovery strategies are a hot topic in sports these days, and for good reason. The effects of a training program are dependent upon the athletes’ ability to recover and adapt to the stimulus. Too much training with inadequate recovery can quickly result in overreaching and an increase
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Cold water immersion between tournament games?

Tournament play for most sports can involve up to 3 competitions in one day for sports like rugby 7’s, collegiate volleyball, soccer, etc. In these situations, fatigue progressively accumulates throughout the day, and performance is almost certainly impaired in the later competitions.
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Chronic Effects of Post-Training Cold Water Immersion on Strength

Cold water immersion is a recovery modality often used by athletes in hopes of reducing the delayed onset muscles soreness brought on from strenuous exercise. It’s not uncommon to see entire teams taking ice baths following grueling practices throughout pre-season training camps. Howe
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