Foam Rolling

Does foam rolling enhance recovery in elite athletes?

It can take anywhere from 48 to 96 hours for full recovery to take place following a match. However, there are many instances in which athletes are not given adequate recovery time between competitions. Tournament-play and congested match fixtures often require athletes to compete on
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Will chronic foam rolling improve hamstring flexibility?

Foam rolling is commonly prescribed by coaches and athletic trainers to athletes preceding warm-up or during the cool down. This is done in effort to transiently increase knee extension range of motion or to facilitate recovery after training or competition. Some athletes will even ar
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Will foam rolling make you faster and more explosive?

The topic of self-myofascial release continues to be a topic of debate among coaches and strength and conditioning professionals. Is foam rolling before a workout necessary? It’s impact on subsequent performance markers remains inconclusive. Its effect on injury prevention is difficul
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Does Foam Rolling Offer Acute Performance Improvements?

You’d be hard-pressed to walk into a collegiate weight room these days and not see a bunch of 3-foot cylinder shaped foam rollers lying around. Athletes use foam rollers for self-massage in effort to loosen up muscle tissue or help alleviate soreness. Athletes will foam roll before wo
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