Passive and PNF but not active or ballistic stretching reduce jump performance

Various forms of stretching have long been an integral component to the pre-training warm-up routine. Teams would often line up in rows on the field and count out their ~15 seconds stretches in unison, starting from their upper body and moving progressively to their lower body. Howeve
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Effect of inter-set antagonist muscle stretching on repetitions performed

Older studies in animal models suggested that extreme static stretching elicited substantial increases in muscle hypertrophy. Trainee’s have since been trying to find different ways to apply static stretching techniques for the purposes of building more lean tissue or improving
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Will chronic foam rolling improve hamstring flexibility?

Foam rolling is commonly prescribed by coaches and athletic trainers to athletes preceding warm-up or during the cool down. This is done in effort to transiently increase knee extension range of motion or to facilitate recovery after training or competition. Some athletes will even ar
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Hamstring Flexibility and Performance

If you were to ask most coaches if flexibility was an important characteristic for athletes, most would tell you that it is absolutely essential. If you were to later ask them how much time they devote to static stretching or purposefully improving flexibility, you will probably hear
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