Comparing warm-ups for increasing explosive performance

The warm-up period before a training session or competition serves several important purposes. For example, increasing body temperature will make muscles more pliable and may decrease the risk of soft tissue strains. Full range of motion movements increase synovial fluid in the joint
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Strength and Conditioning for Pre-Pubescent Athletes: Impact on Fitness, Performance and Growth

Strength and conditioning training for pre-pubescent children has always been a topic of controversy. For a long time it was thought that any form of resistance training would result in stunted growth. Many uninformed individuals continue to believe and perpetuate this myth. Another m
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Getting the Most out of Dynamic Stretching

Pre-training and competition warm-up modalities play an important role in subsequent physical performance. A considerable amount of evidence has amassed supporting the use of dynamic stretching over longer duration static stretching prior to physical activity. The lengthening of the m
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Ankle Range of Motion Affects Jump Height

Without question, there is a direct relationship between lower body strength/power and vertical jumping ability. However, other factors are at play that can enhance or inhibit ones jumping potential. Specifically, biomechanical factors such as range of motion restrictions at the ankle
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