Effect of nutrition education on diet, body composition and performance following off-season training in D-1 baseball players

Nutrition influences performance in a variety of ways. For example, adequate intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats facilitates the recovery process to build and repair damaged muscle, resynthesize glycogen and support endocrine function and nutrient absorption. In addition, nutri
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Lack of sleep and poor nutrition increase injury risk in elite adolescent athletes

There’s nothing more heart-breaking for a coach than witnessing a young athlete suffer an injury. Therefore, a proactive approach to mitigating injury risk is a top priority for parents and coaching staff. There are a variety of things that coaches can do to reduce injury risk among y
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Pre-bed protein ingestion increase size and strength

Growing up before the age of the internet meant that you had to get your training and nutrition information from books and magazines or from the veteran lifters and athletes that you’d meet at the gym. Unfortunately when it came to magazines and locker room advice, it was hard to know
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