Time-course of perceptual and neuromuscular recovery following resistance training

Programming resistance training during the in-season competitive phase can be quite challenging. This is because coaches need to ensure that athletes are receiving a sufficient training effect to maintain strength, power and muscle mass without compromising recovery and performance. T
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The repeated bout effect

When athletes first get involved with resistance training, they get sore, really sore. However, they progressively adapt to the training stimulus and eventually experience less soreness. This is largely due to the repeated bout effect. The repeated bout effect simply states that after
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Foam roll to reduce DOMS and attenuate performance decrements

Delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) generally shows up a day or two after a workout (hence the term “Delayed”) and can last up to 4 days or even longer in extreme cases. DOMS is typically going to be more severe with higher volumes of work and particularly if the eccentric compone
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